About the Book

About the Book

Exit to Morvana by Marilynn Wood

Exit to Morvana

Samantha gazed out the window at the millions of jeweled stars sprinkled in front of her. They were so colorful and numerous, now that she had a view of them in space, unobstructed by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Planets passed by so closely Sam felt that she could reach out and touch them. The colors were so vivid and surprising. Copper, Red, gold and silver against a black velvet back drop. She was astounded to think that they had passed out of the Earth’s solar system and into space in such a short time.

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September 10, 2021





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Caran then proceeded to show them where to find a keyhole nebulae, and an hourglass shaped nebulae that had a turquoise blue center and a fading white dwarf star at its core.