Welcome to Morvana set amongst the stars
“We are all beings of light dancing across space and time forever"

Exit to Morvana by Marilynn Wood

Exit to Morvana

Do the painful disappointments in life make you wonder “Where is the exit door on this planet? Consider the tale of over worked, lonely Samantha who one day meets a mysterious Alien while visiting a metaphysical book store.

She eventually engages in a romance with him. He offers to take her to Morvana, a planet in the Andromeda galaxy where the people have such long life spans they are virtually immortal. The Morvanian civilization has suffered through all the trials and tribulations that planet Earth has and overcome them. 

This has resulted in a nearly perfect Utopian planet. The only catch is, Samantha must agree to leave Earth and everything she knows — forever. If you had such an opportunity, would you go?

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